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How To Add Images To MySpace

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MySpace is a social networking site used by millions of individuals, companies and bands worldwide. The simplicity with which users can upload images is one aspect of user customisation that has aided the site's ongoing success.
What you'll need: 
Internet connection
MySpace account
Flickr/Photobucket/Tinypic account
Uploading images onto MySpace is a simple way to make your page far more visually appealing; a vital consideration when attempting to attract visitors. Having signed up for a MySpace account, you should open either a Flickr/Photobucket/Tinypic account.
Uploading images from your camera, computer or the internet onto your image utility account will result in the image being given a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and HTML tag which can be found directly under or next to the picture.
Copy the generated HTML tag and move over to the 'edit profile' section on your MySpace account. Paste the HTML tag where you want it to be displayed on your MySpace profile. Save the changes you've made which should now be visible on your page.
MySpace image uploading tools can be downloaded from sites such as if you prefer to use this method.


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