How to make your own facial oils

Facial oils brilliant to hydrate the skin, balance the production of sebum and fight infection. They can be absorbed into the skin and have further therapeutic benefits. They also smell great and increase your happiness levels!

You will need to dilute the essential oils in a base or carrier oil (lavender oil and tea tree oil are the exceptions as they can be applied neat – in fact they work great to treat spots!). It’s also important to remember that certain aromatherapy oils can cause irritation. Some people can be sensitive or allergic, so treat them with caution. Always consult a practitioner before you use essential oils if you are pregnant, particularly the first three months. Avoid certain oils if you have high blood pressure, too.

Make sure you source oils from a good supplier. Always buy pure essential oils, not ‘fragrance’ oils or blends. Oil blends do have their place, just not as facial oils. They
are wonderfully therapeutic for lifting your spirits, not for applying topically but great for massage.

Creating Your Own Facial Oil

Choose a base oil which is fairly light and easily absorbed such as Jojoba, Sweet almond, Apricot kernel, Evening primrose or Rosehip oil. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, you can add up to 25 drops of essential oil to 100 ml carrier oil, but it’s a good idea to start with a maximum of 10 drops.

A few suggestions of simple recipes – In easy case use preferably 100ml dark glass bottles with a dropper to add the drops of oil.

Combination Skin Healing Oil
– 100 ml almond oil
– 5 drops lavender oil,
– 2 drops frankincense
– 2 drops manuka
– 1 drop german chamomile

Oily Skin
– 50 ml carrot oil mixed with 50 ml wheatgerm oil
– 5 drops lavender
– 2 drops rose
– 2 drops geranium

Anti-ageing Oil
– 50 ml rosehip mixed with 50 ml sweet almond oil
– 2 drops lavender
– 2 drops rose
– 1 drop frankincense

Keep out of direct sunlight and use within a few months ideally.

Janey Lee Grace is the author of Look Great Naturally – without ditching the lipstick, and runs a natural alternatives website at

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