How to lose the Christmas Bulge for the New Year

There is nothing more satisfying than working off all those mince pies and treats that you have scoffed over the festive season and to do so, don’t imagine for a second that you need to spend hours of each day in the gym strapped to a treadmill! In fact, a fat loss specialist I know, David Fletcher says that excessive cardio can actually inhibit fat loss because your muscles deplete and it’s muscles that help you burn fat and process calories. Good news for us girls!

I do love jogging, it’s a great way to clear the head of the day’s cobwebs but it’s worth considering doing a high impact exercise in short bursts like a few rounds of kick-boxing or a quick sprint, followed by a walk and then repeat that. If you can do some high-impact exercise a few times a week you will be well on your way to battling the bulge.

It may sound pretty obvious but making better food decisions on a daily basis is absolutely imperative. If you’re in the habit of eating dessert after dinner every day like you did over Christmas, you should expect to pile on the pounds so it’s a habit you are going to have to break. Eating a high-protein breakfast can give you more energy throughout the day; it’s when you suffer an energy crash that you crave sugar and that’s when the chocolate and goodies become your first choice to satiate your craving.

Finally, take a look at your beverage intake throughout the day. I hear that the part of your brain that tells you that you are hungry is situated right next to the part that tells you you’re thirsty so next time you get peckish, have a glass of water or low-calorie drink and then if you are still hungry EAT but eat healthily. If you are serial coffee drinker, opt for a small cup with a splash of skimmed milk instead of large sizes with whole milk. You would be amazing how many calories are in a large latte from your favourite coffee house!

In my experience, you should never deny yourself anything, because you will only end up binging when the craving gets too much to bear. Treat yourself once a week and don’t demonise foods all you’ll want them even more! I recently heard about a new snack range that will be hitting the shops soon called Tasty Little Numbers which is not diet food per say but the portions are carefully measured so if you have a treat at least you know exactly how many calories you’re getting to the nearest hundred and you never sacrifice on taste. Portion control is key and this range has mastered it – watch out for it!

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