Well done to all our incentive winners!

It was a tremendous week for Howopia, with a number of records cracked in
terms of usage and our first incentives!

Incentive Results:

Winner, Best Quality (£100): Katelyn McLeod, How to select the correct
wine for different meals.
2nd Prize (£50): Liam Geoghegan, How to make lemon and garlic chicken.
Winner, Highest Volume (£100): Neil Hocking
Winner, Most Referrals (£50): Jay Longley

Many congratulations to all of our winners. Nick will be in touch to
organize the prizes.

Incentives, October:

We had a great reaction to our incentives for September and have decided to
extend it out for October:

Weekly Prizes:
Highest number of articles: £25
Monthly Prizes:
Highest number of articles: £50
Best Quality Article: £100
Most Referrals (who are active): £50

This means that you can generate income both on a weekly and a monthly
basis. There is only one prize for each category but we wanted to spread
the volume awards over a longer period and increase the opportunities for
everyone to increase their earnings.


The level of feedback has been tremendous – we’re working on a number
of areas, which we’ll be launching in the next few weeks:

1. Revenue Report: This will allow you to see how much revenue you’re
earning from the articles you’ve contributed.
2. Status Updates: Allowing you to see how your articles are being received
and how you rank among other contributors.

SEO and Referrals

Now that our article list is growing nicely – and please, keep them
coming! – we’re turning our attention to getting greater traffic.
Plenty of work is already underway, but you can help in two ways:

1. When you’ve completed an article, please do post the link on your
blogs, Twitter pages or relevant forums. The more links you post of your
own articles the greater the chance of it being ranked higher in searches.
2. Use your referral link (visit your account for the link details) to get
friends and families to join.
When posting links or referrals, please do so only if it’s relevant to
the pages you’re posting to.


Be sure to follow Howopia on Twitter (http://twitter.com/howopia)– not
only do we post the latest news and articles, but we’ll also update you
on the ongoing battle between the co-founders in their tennis exploits
(hey, even we need to relax occasionally!)

That’s it for now – once more, congratulations to our incentive
winners. We’re hoping for another week like last week, targeting 100s of
extra How Tos… and please, keep the feedback as well as the articles
coming. We’ll endeavour to reply to everyone as soon as we can...

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