'How To' Submission Guidelines

Quality Guidelines

The key thinking behind Howopia is to “deliver information for the masses, by the masses”. We believe that the internet is a wonderful creation, one that’s changed our daily lives with information right at our fingertips but we want to try to overcome the white noise by having a site that contains as much information as possible.

However, it’s also key to us that the information carried on Howopia is of the highest quality. With that in mind, to be chosen for publication on Howopia all articles must adhere to the guidelines below.

To be chosen for publication on Howopia all articles must adhere to the guidelines below.

1. All articles submitted must explain and describe to the reader 'How To' do or achieve something.

2. Each article must comply with the layout and template of the type of article, so for instance a 'How To' article must comprise of an introductory paragraph explaining what will be achieved by following the 'How To', and instructions broken down step-by-step. Each step must comprise of actionable instructions. There are fields for a conclusion, tips and warnings and for listing any items that the reader will need to complete the instructions. See below for outline guidelines.

3. All 'How To' articles must comprise of at least, an introduction and 3 actionable steps to describe How To complete a task.

Good examples of How Tos:




4. The 'How To' articles must be written in English in a way that makes them clear and easy to understand, and must be written using proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, without excessive bolding.

5. If other sources, such as other websites like Wikipedia have been used to research the article, or facts and other information have been included in the article, then they must be included in the reference field at the bottom of the article. Guides must not contain more than 5 lines of quoted or sourced content.

6. All facts and other information must be correct. The editors will check.

7. The articles must not be offensive, defamatory or describe any illegal activity.

8. The articles must be unique, and written by you, and not copies of, in whole or in part, other articles posted elsewhere, or on Howopia.

9. The articles make sense to the reader.

‘How To’ guide outline guidelines

‘How To’ guides content type consist of the following fields. The guides need to be formed in this way:

Title - Must be 'How To...'
Introduction – should be a full explanation of what is going to be achieved.
Image (to be added by Editor, unless writer has taken their own image)
Steps – (up to 10 fields)
What you’ll need – Displayed in a separate box on the right. (up to 10 fields)
Tips – (up to 5 fields)
Warnings – (up to 5 fields)
References – (up to 5 fields) May include 1 affiliate link owned by the writer.
Category – Dropdown box to select appropriate category

Article submission is at the discretion of the author, but Howopia’s editors have full right to re-work, re-publish or reject any article put forward to Howopia.

The decision in what is published and any sub-editing required sits with the commissioned Editor and by submitting an article to Howopia, you are accepting that the Editor’s decision is final.

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