How to prepare for the freezing weather

Despite the short and welcome respite, the freezing cold weather is set to return next week according to the forecasters at The Met Office.

Whilst most of us will want to just draw up the duvet, close our eyes and settle in for a day in bed, reality means that we will have to get up and struggle on our way to work.

The rail and bus companies are bound to be under-prepared for it, despite the warnings, and whether the council will have enough grit to keep the roads clear is questionable.

It is important that everyone does whatever they can to prepare for the ice and snow.

Some interesting and useful guides have recently been contributed to Howopia, which should help out in these situations.

The roads will be icy and slippery, so it is important to know How to Drive in Snow and Ice.

You will need to scrape the ice of your windscreen and ensure your car is prepared to be stuck in traffic for longer than usual in freezing conditions, although hopefully not too long. This guide, How to prepare your car for Winter is an essential read.

You might need to know how to clear snow and ice from your drive, and remember to offer to help anyone near you who might have difficulty.

Once you have got your car sorted for the upcoming weather, it will be time to make sure you can cope with it all! One interesting read is How to deal with the Winter Blues.

More Winter advice will be added over the next few weeks.

Keep warm!

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