How to make Heston Blumenthal's Waitrose Christmas pudding

There has been a lot of interest and disappointment in the short supply of Heston's hidden orange Christmas pudding that Waitrose have been selling recently for £13.

Now sold out and awaiting reorder, the resulting pudding-mania has spread as far as eBay where a pudding has been on offer for as much as £77!

So, what is there to do? You can wait until Waitrose's shelves are restocked, visit eBay and empty your wallet or you could try and make one yourself.

One of the cooks over at The Telegraph has made a good attempt at making one, you can view their video here.

We at Howopia though turn to our dynamic and trusty contributors and a read through some of our latest Christmas How Tos, brings up two or three that, if put together, would help anyone create the famous dessert.

To make the candied orange that sits in the middle of the pudding, follow this guide: How to make candied orange slices, just remember that you will want the orange to be whole, so don't cut it.

You can find a traditional Christmas pudding anywhere, but ours is a vegan alternative. How to make a vegan Christmas pudding. This recipe substitutes the animal suet with a vegetable fat.

Combine these two guides together, put the candied orange in the middle of the pudding, and voila, you have a homemade version of Heston's pudding.

Of course no Christmas pudding can be eaten without flaming it first, and we have the guide for that too. How to flame a Christmas pudding.

Now there really is no excuse! - Happy Christmas.

And of course serve it with brandy butter!

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