Add videos to Howopia how to guides

We’re pleased to announce that we can now accept videos as part of your How To articles – both increasing earnings and giving your articles a richer feel!

In order to upload videos, you’ll need to first apply to become a video contributor – just drop us a line , let us know that you want to generate video content and we’ll confirm when we’ve updated your account.

Once you have been accepted, you will be able to upload videos to your guides when you write them. You can also create a standalone video that is not part of a guide if you wish. All accepted videos will also be automatically uploaded to the Howopia YouTube Channel for maximum coverage and money making potential.

Making a video is very simple, even if you have not done it before. You can create videos or even slideshows from photos using software like Windows Movie Maker, which is free, or Apple iMovie:

* Window movie maker
* iMovie

An example of a guide with a simple slideshow type video of each of the guides steps can be seen here:

How to make paper snow flakes

This is a simple example and you can be much more imaginative if you want!

Please note, we’re looking for unique content only for videos uploaded to Howopia. If you are creating new videos, we also recommend writing the instructions out in full, as per a normal guide, in order to ensure that the guide can be fully understood regardless of whether the visitors watch the video or not.

If you are interested in creating standalone videos or videos for existing guides please let us know.

So, if you’re keen for your video handiwork to be seen, please contact us to get started!

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