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How To Maintain Healthy Joints

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Your health is within your control – looking after yourself now will prevent problems later.

How to make your own facial oils

Facial oils brilliant to hydrate the skin, balance the production of sebum and fight infection. They can be absorbed into the skin and have further therapeutic benefits.

You will need to dilute the essential oils in a base or carrier oil (lavender oil and tea tree oil are the exceptions as they can be applied neat – in fact they work great to treat spots!).

How to lose the Christmas Bulge for the New Year

There is nothing more satisfying than working off all those mince pies and treats that you have scoffed over the festive season and to do so, don’t imagine for a second that you need to spend hours of

I do love jogging, it’s a great way to clear the head of the day’s cobwebs but it’s worth considering doing a high impact exercise in short bursts like a few rounds of kick-boxing or a quick sprint, f

How to maintain healthy joints and a healthy lifestyle

I am a firm believer that you should try to take your health into your own hands – looking after yourself now, to prevent problems later.

1. Enjoying a healthy diet

How to street dance

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Street dance is all about attitude and confidence, using your own creativity to free style and invent inspirational dance moves.

How to get out of debt in 5 easy steps

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Debt is the devil. It stops you making money, keeps you awake at night and can make life unnecessarily expensive. Get rid of it as quickly as possible. Here’s my step-by-step guide.

How to create a quiff

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I’m going to give you a step-by-step guide to creating a fantastic quiff. It works well with both long and short hair, as long as you have some length on top. It also looks great with an undercut.

How to get the perfect pixie cut

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Pixie cuts are very on trend but it is important to get it right, as the hair is quite short it can be hard to cover any mistakes! When styling I would avoid putting in any type of parting.

How to get gorgeous curls

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Keeping your hair in place all night is all in the preparation, you need a great blowdry before you start.

How to do a speedy spring clean

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Let’s be honest - how many of us look forward to spring cleaning? In fact, how many of us have time for the annual cleaning-fest that our grandmothers and mothers took in their stride?

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