Add videos to Howopia how to guides

We’re pleased to announce that we can now accept videos as part of your How To articles – both increasing earnings and giving your articles a richer feel!

Today is Pancake day

Shrove Tuesday, the traditional day for making pancakes in the UK, is today, February 21st 2012!

How to make Howopia a rewarding experience

We often get asked by new writers – of which we’re getting more by the day – where they should start when writing a How To guide.

How to have the best pancake day

Tuesday 8th March is pancake day, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday it is the day before Ash Wednesday which was traditionally the first day of Lent when people fasted.

February review

February has been an extraordinary month, not least because one of Howopia's founders went off to NZ and married his fiancée, so congratulations to Nick!

Happy Christmas from

We have had an extraordinary last few months at Howopia. We launched the site in September and have managed to attract over 100 writers and contributors and over 600 'how to' guides.

Celebrity 'how to' guides.

Things continue to race along at Howopia, as we look to build up the amount of 'how to' guides that we have published.

We have been very lucky to have attracted a large number of very good writers and experts keen to share their knowledge, and this continues to be the case, because today, we are very excited that the first celebrity expert has written for Howopia.

How to prepare for the freezing weather

Despite the short and welcome respite, the freezing cold weather is set to return next week according to the forecasters at

How to make Heston Blumenthal's Waitrose Christmas pudding

There has been a lot of interest and disappointment in the short supply of Heston's hidden orange Christmas pudding that Waitrose have been selling recently for £13.

Another cracking week.

Well, we had an absolutely cracking week with lots of new content – many congratulations to Chika Okeke who produced the most published articles in

New incentive for November

We’re going to do something very different for November’s incentive. We’re currently working on a list of 250 'How Tos' that we would like to see.

Another incentive winner...

Sarah Lusk Parfitt wins last week's incentive for the most amount of articles published.

Well done to all our incentive winners!

It was a tremendous week for Howopia, with a number of records cracked in
terms of usage and our first incentives!

Incentive Results:

End of the month and time for incentives

Now that we have not only reached the end of the week, but, the end of the month too, we are looking at awarding the first incentive payments.

Another brilliant week

As Friday rolls around again - where does all the time go? - we can reflect on another very good week for

...And We're Off!

It's been an exciting week for us at Howopia - we've reached a milestone in contributors, started to post lots of the content from them and even claimed our first few Editors!

It never rains but it pours.

We are currently wading through a long list of writers who wish to contribute to

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